Modern vs Traditional: Which Kitchen Style Should You Go For?

It’s fair to say that there are two kitchen styles in vogue right now; both about as far apart from each other as is possible.

At one end of the spectrum, you’ve got the traditional kitchen design – lots of wood finishing, typically with pale and pastel colours and stone floors.

At the other end, there’s the modern kitchen design – sleek, sophisticated, minimalist, with handleless designs, thoughtful use of technology, straight lines and often black, white and chrome.

How do you decide?

Both kitchens clearly have their own benefits, but in order to work out where to focus your efforts, the first question you need to ask is simple:

Are you staying or going?

If you’re in this property for the long haul, then you can just opt for the kitchen that best suits your taste.

However, if you’re planning on selling at some point relatively soon, then it’s likely to be a lot more important to match your kitchen up with the period and style of your property.

For example, a sleek, chic, modern kitchen could easily jar in a farmhouse, while a cosy kitchen with plenty of wood and rustic themes might feel out of a place in a penthouse apartment.

If you’re staying, then you can do away with convention, and just get the kitchen you want, but if you’re selling at some point soon, then it’s definitely worth trying to create something that complements the rest of your home.

Pros and cons

When it comes to traditional kitchens, the main key benefit is the way they make you feel.

Get it right, and your traditional kitchen will feel warm, inviting and relaxing – a hub of your home, and the kind of place where you and your family can make memories.

The Milano Cranbrook by Symphony nails this perfectly with its soft finishes and pastel tones:

Image of the traditional Milano Cranbrook kitchen by Symphony in a pastel colour scheme

Many traditional kitchens have the oven as the central feature of the room – whether it’s a range cooker or even an AGA – and this generally creates warmth, making it a great place to congregate, whether at the kitchen table, breakfast bar or a sofa, if there’s room to feature one.

Another great benefit of traditional kitchens is their timeless nature. Because you’re not attempting to fall in with the latest trends, your kitchen isn’t going to look out of date anytime soon, and although you might need to replace doors or repaint at some point, the majority of your kitchen can last decades.

For modern kitchens, it’s all about style and practicality.

A well-built modern kitchen will feel sleek, sophisticated and completely up-to-date.

A lot like the Milano New York by Symphony and its bold lacquered finish. This modern kitchen design brings light to the space and can be combined with other modern materials such as concrete, wood or brick:

Image of the Milano New York kitchen design by Symphony featuring a variety of modern materials including concrete, wood, and brick.

Is it possible to have both?

Of course, not everyone is at one end of the spectrum. There may be elements of both styles that you find compelling, and you might be wondering whether it’s possible to blend the two together.

We’ve got some good news – there is.

By blending a traditional shaker design with modern colours and other up-to-the-minute features, you can enjoy the warmth of a traditional kitchen, with the clean lines of a modern one – the Milano Princeton is a great example of this.

Image of the Milano Princeton kitchen featuring both modern and traditional kitchen design elements

One other way that people fuse both traditional and modern is by incorporating a handleless design into a more traditional style, giving you the minimalist of the modern, while retaining the homeliness of a traditional kitchen.

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