What is the ideal kitchen layout?

If you want a kitchen that is as functional as it is beautiful, then you need to consider your layout.

It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is small and compact or large and open. The layout is still the special ingredient for ensuring that every home member can move around seamlessly.

A good kitchen designer will design a kitchen layout that works for you, but here are some things to consider before you get going.

Types of Kitchen Layout

There are many different types of layouts in the kitchen, and whilst your current kitchen limitation may restrict your options, there may also be ways to reconstruct this, so it’s worth discussing with an expert.

Here are the most common kitchen layouts:

The L-Shaped Kitchen

Image of an L-shaped kitchen with a white modern kitchen design and contrasting wooden elements

The L-shaped kitchen is exactly what it says.

They’re the most common kitchen designs as they only require two joining walls to fix cabinets, allowing for lots of floor space and working in small and large areas. The Avant kitchen from Linear by Symphony pictured here gives a great example of how you can create an L-shaped kitchen with real class.

The Galley Kitchen

Image of the handleless Plaza kitchen design from Milano by Symphony in a galley kitchen layout

A Galley kitchen consists of two rows of cabinets facing each other, creating a passage between them, as shown on the Plaza kitchen from Milano by Symphony.

It’s a great way to add extra cabinets and worktops where space permits. You can convert one wall kitchens in open spaces of apartments into a galley kitchen, an ideal option for expanding families who don’t want to move.

It’s also a great starting point for kitchens in traditional style terraced houses which are typically long and thin.

The U-Shaped Kitchen

Image of the traditional Whitby kitchen design by Laura Ashley in a U-shaped kitchen layout, featuring integrated appliances and wooden materials.

The U-shaped kitchen is the perfect balance of social and cosy thanks to its abundance of storage and worktop space. The Whitby by Laura Ashley (pictured here) shows perfectly how you can achieve this with a traditional-style kitchen.

It is an excellent choice for large families and promotes a naturally easy layout flow where different kitchen areas can be spaced out.

The U-shaped layout is often dismissed, as most people (and some designers) assume that it is only viable when you have three adjoining walls.

With the rise in popularity for multi-functional space, this layout works really well even when one row of cabinetry doesn’t fix to a wall, creating the ideal breakfast bar for a social kitchen – this version of a U-shaped kitchen is often called a Penninsula Kitchen.

Kitchen Placement

Once you’ve mastered your kitchen layout, the next step is deciding where to place your furniture and appliances. To do this you’ll firstly need to decide what your kitchen is most used for.

If you are avid cooks or bakers, focus on your appliance location (particularly your hob and oven). If you’re a family that prefers to eat out and gather in the kitchen to soicalise and relax, make sure you utilise you prioritise your dining and seating arrangements.

Kitchen Flow

As a rule of thumb, kitchens tend to flow to the right, however, if your main cook is left handed, you may want to consider doing things differently.

The kitchen flow is also essential when you consider your storage and where you want to keep things.

It may seem far off at the moment, but it will matter from the start. For example, if you choose glass-front cupboards, you’ll want to make sure that these are located where your nice glasses and mugs will go. The last thing you want is to discover you’ve placed a glass cupboard above the hob that’s prone to getting greasy and right where your spices need to go.

The good thing is at Butlers Kitchens we’re experts in kitchen design, and with that comes plenty of years of experience in mastering kitchen layouts.

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