What is an Eco-Friendly Kitchen?

It’s up to all of us to protect our planet to ensure its longevity for decades to come.
As eco-friendly kitchen designers and installers, we understand that we have a crucial role in ensuring that the products we use are sustainable.

At Butlers Kitchens, we take that commitment seriously

That’s why we partner with Symphony, a kitchen manufacturer that shares our ethos.

A modern kitchen with white and grey kitchen cabinets and double ovens

Why our kitchens are sustainable

Here are just some initiatives that Symphony are undertaking in their quest to become, and remain, sustainable:

● In 2007 they installed a Biomass boiler that runs their site. It is powered by the wood chippings discarded in manufacturing, that would otherwise be wasted.
● In just one year, they reduced their CO2 waste by the equivalent of taking 81 cars off the road for that year.
● All of their plastic kitchen cabinet legs are made from 100% recycled plastic.
● Symphony Kitchens make four of their ranges from 100% recycled board, which they are working hard to increase even more year on year.

When you invest in a kitchen with Butlers Kitchens, you invest in a kitchen that a sustainable supplier has made.
You also have the reassurance of a high-quality product that is guaranteed to stand the test of time, meaning you can do your bit for the planet too.

A wooden chopping board with peeled vegetables and a small kitchen compost bin.

How can YOU become more environmentally friendly, and create a sustainable kitchen?

Here are some ways you can help to protect the planet immediately, starting with some small steps in the kitchen:

● Consider appliances that are high quality and eco-friendly, like an instant boiling tap. They result in less wasted water and use less energy.
● Always shop for groceries using reusable bags.
● Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products.

At Butlers Kitchens we promise to provide you with the right design, using the best products, each and every time.

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