The Oven from Great British Bake Off

If you’re a fan of The Great British Bake Off (a whopping 9.2 million of us tuned into the 2020 series!), you’ll know they’re pretty serious about their baking equipment.
After all, there’s nothing worse than the threat of soggy bottoms or sunken middles (we’re talking cakes here obviously, not our lockdown diet issues), and a baker is only as good as their tools!

As you’ve watched them bake up a storm in the tent, you may have noticed that the doors on the Great British Bake Off ovens are there one moment, and gone the next! This is not clever TV trickery, but NEFF’s very own Slide And Hide oven. The door to this oven simply pulls out and slides underneath.

Image of a couple using an integrated Slide and Hide oven from NEFF to cook food.

And, there’s a whole heap of things to love about the slide and hide ovens:

  • These smart ovens are great for small kitchens, because you don’t need to consider oven door space.
  • Super easy to clean with ample access to every corner.
  • The most accessible oven on the market, which makes them perfect for wheelchair access.
  • You might think that you lose cavity space in the oven because of the door. However, the cavities are the same size as conventional ovens; they just make the control panel much slimmer. So it’s a very clever design!
  • No more leaning awkwardly over the door to grab dinner makes them safer than a conventional oven, and nasty burns are largely a thing of the past.
A close up image showcasing the NEFF Slide and Hide oven door in action.

It comes as no surprise that Britain’s most famous baking show opts for this design, year after year.

It’s packed full of all the features you could ever need as a baker, such as bread baking, dough proving, bottom heat, conventional heat, surface grilling and low-temperature cooking alongside NEFF’s famous CircoTherm fan technology.

Bake-Off, like many of our customers, also team this slide and hide oven with the warming drawer from NEFF. The warming drawer is perfect for warming up plates and cups ready for serving and keeping food warm once it has been prepared. It can keep food warm up to a staggering six hours, removing the panic of getting your timings wrong during a dinner party. It’s also a great place for leaving dough to rise, as the bakers during bread week have demonstrated over the years.

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