The Heart of The Kitchen

Induction hob or gas hob? Steambake oven or Sensecook oven? Freestanding or integrated fridge freezer? Thanks to the many advances in technology, when it comes to choosing kitchen appliances, there’s a lot more to consider than whether to just ‘opt for a dishwasher or not’. The right appliances will transform your kitchen from one that performs the necessities of your day to day life, to one that can revolutionise it.
Image of a smart induction hob demonstrating its innovative cooking features.
With so much choice, where do you start? Well, although it now serves many purposes, the heart of the kitchen is still undeniably ‘food’. Whether you’re prepping dinner, packing lunches, or entertaining friends, it’s vital that your kitchen makes mealtimes both efficient and enjoyable. So making the right choice on your cooker and hob is the first step.

Steambake Oven

A Steambake oven with Pyrolytic cleaning (really fancy, cleans itself!) is an excellent investment if you’re an avid cook or host. Not only does the added steam element create mouth-watering dishes, it also enables you to cook, roast and bake – all at the same time!

Sensecook Oven

If you find yourself cooking in a hurry more often than not, the Sensecook oven is ideal. Use the food sensor to tell your oven how you want your meal cooked, “medium rare” for example, and be safe in the knowledge that it will create perfectly cooked food, every time.

Induction Hob

Another must-have kitchen appliance is an induction hob. It cooks faster and uses less heat, making it incredibly energy efficient. The exact science that enables it to do all of this, also makes it easier to clean than any other hob on the market. These kitchen hobs now come with an endless choice of options; from sensors that automatically detect where the pan is, to touch control and built-in extractor fans. These latest choices in appliances not only add value to your kitchen and make your life easier, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. And for our personal recommendation, check out the induction hob range from Neff. It certainly has the wow-factor!
Image of a modern kitchen design featuring contrasting colours
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