7 Kitchen Pantry Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of cooking a meal and realising you’re out of an essential ingredient. Or rummaging through your pantry for what feels like forever and not being able to find what you’re looking for.

If your kitchen pantry is in need of a makeover, we’ve got just the thing for you. Check out these kitchen pantry ideas to make your home life so much easier.

A customised pantry in brown with pullout drawers and door storage

1. Establish zones within your pantry

You can designate specific areas for cooking ingredients, canned goods, snacks and beverages. For example, if you’re a big baker, consider keeping all of your baking supplies in one area to quickly grab what you need when it’s time to whip up some cupcakes or bake some bread. If you’ve got room, you may even want to carve out a separate zone for items like laundry detergent and cleaning products.

Additionally, you can assign specific areas for different types of food. For example, you might want to keep all of your breakfast items together or keep the kids’ snacks in a lower cabinet so they can easily reach them (or even higher up, so they’re out of the way!).

2. Invest in cabinet and drawer organisers

Cabinet and drawer organisers are must-haves. They will help keep your pantry organised and clutter-free by maximising every inch of space. A well organised pantry makes it easier to find what you need at a glance and plan your shopping trips, a great way to avoid duplication and waste!

If your shelves are deep and wide enough, try using tiered spice racks or a rotating shelf to make the most of your space. You can also get adjustable dividers for cabinets or drawers, which can help hold your items in place.

3. Keep essential items at arm’s reach

Store commonly used items on shelves located between waist and shoulder height, so they’re easy to grab. That way, you won’t have to dig around for them every time you need them. This is especially helpful if you have little ones who might struggle to reach the top shelves.

Make a habit of storing items according to how frequently they’re used, not just by category. For example, if you use a lot of pasta sauce jars, keep them at eye level so they’re easily accessible while cooking. If you’re more of a meat & two veg kind of household, store the pasta sauce on an upper shelf where it won’t take up precious real estate in your kitchen pantry.

A contemporary grey floor-to-ceiling pullout pantry

4. Designate a specific area for cleaning supplies

If you have space for an entire walk-in pantry, great — that means you’ll have enough room to create different areas for each thing you keep in there. But if not, don’t worry! Even smaller cabinets can be broken down into various sections to serve different purposes.

If you have a lot of household products taking up space in your pantry, consider a drawer or basket at the bottom (or top) of your pantry to keep cleaning products, paper towels, and other household items. This way, they’re out of the way but still easy to grab when you need them.

5. Add spice racks for easy access

A well-stocked spice rack is a must-have for any home cook. Spices add flavour and depth to your dishes and can help transform an everyday meal into a culinary masterpiece! However, all too often, spices are relegated to the back of the pantry, where they are forgotten and rarely used.

A simple spice rack can make a world of difference, giving you quick and easy access to all of your favourite flavours. Spice racks — either wall-mounted or free-standing — keep all of your seasonings at arm’s reach and make them easier to find. You can also choose from various styles, including magnetic racks that stick to metal surfaces and hanging racks that attach under shelves.

6. Use baskets and bins to organise small items

When you go grocery shopping, it’s easy to take out a few random items and toss them in your cart with reckless abandon. However, once you get home, it’s a different story. Suddenly, those few random items can become a jumbled mess.

If you have trouble keeping track of smaller items such as condiment sachets or loose tea bags, consider using baskets to round them up and keep them together. In addition to setting up designated baskets for specific categories of products (such as baking supplies), you can also use baskets to store snacks for the kids or other non-perishable goods that tend to roll around on the shelves. For some restocking inspiration, why not check out the #restock hashtag on TikTok (but be warned, you may never see pantry organisation the same way again!)

7. Install door racks to create more storage space

One of the biggest challenges in small pantries is finding enough storage space for everything. If your shelves are overflowing and your floor space is limited, it’s time to get creative!

One way to add more storage space to your pantry is installing door racks. These handy racks can be hung on the back of a pantry door and used to store a variety of items, including spices, cans, and small boxes. Not only do door racks make it easy to grab what you need, but they also help to keep your pantry organized and tidy.

A spice rack with door storage

The kitchen pantry is a vital part of every household, whether it’s a large mansion or a small studio apartment. Your kitchen pantry can’t just be like any regular cupboard – it has to be organised, spacious, and practical. Now that you’re equipped with these ideas, you can start putting them into action and make your pantry an effective solution to your kitchen needs.

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