The right worktop for a busy kitchen

One question we get asked a lot:

What’s the best worktop for a busy kitchen?

And it’s an important question – get your kitchen worktop right, and it’ll stand the test of time, both in terms of style and durability.

A Grey and White Kitchen with a wooden worktop and cabinets
Get it wrong, and you could be stuck with an inappropriate worktop for your busy kitchen. Even worse, one that may need replacing way before your cabinets and appliances do.

The first thing to say is that there’s no ‘right answer.’ All we can do is give you some information to help you choose the best work surface for your kitchen.

That being said, if your kitchen’s hectic and bubbling with life, and you’re thinking about wood worktops, you might want to think again.

The issue with wood

Solid wood worktops might look great, but they’re hard to maintain, and that’s why we’d recommend considering options: laminate, quartz and granite. All three of them look fantastic, but they’ll also last longer, with less maintenance required.

We love granite for the bold, unique detail you get with every slab, as shown in the below example.

A Black and White Granite Countertop and Sink with an aluminum kitchen tap.
If you’re a lover of wood, though, there are many ways that it can be incorporated into your worktop with the right design. There is no need to be restricted on choosing countertops in just one material!

Laminate, quartz or granite?

If you’ve got a large family, you love to entertain, or you’re often baking or cooking exotic dishes in your multi-functional kitchen, you’ll want a worktop that can handle everything that busy life throws at it.

Quartz and granite worktops can tolerate hot pans and sharp scratches, but on the flip side, they’re harder to clean.

On the other hand, laminate is very easy to clean. Spillages come off with a spray and a cloth in a cinch but aren’t able to deal with hot pans being placed on it. So you’ll need to work out what’s most important in order to select the best kitchen work surface for you.


In terms of budget, laminate comes in considerably cheaper but is likely to last less time than quartz or granite equivalents, so that also needs to be taken into account when you make your kitchen worktop choice.

In terms of aesthetic, you do get what you pay for. Quartz and granite offer a beauty that’s very difficult to replicate with a laminate. The understated elegance of a quartz work surface like the one below is indisputable.

A Gray Quartz Stone Kitchen Worktop


When it comes to specific brands, we’d strongly recommend both Symphony and Antolini manufacturers. They provide you with the best kitchen worktops choices!

Whatever you’re thinking, We’d be delighted to help you in your decision-making process here at Butlers Kitchens – get in touch – and we’ll talk it through.

At Butlers Kitchens we promise to provide you with the right design, using the best products, each and every time.

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