Planning Your New Kitchen – Step 1

Assessing Your Kitchen

Lockdown is the perfect time to assess whether your kitchen is up to the task of meeting all of your family’s needs.  Staying home has changed life for us all: people have been inspired to cook more; discover and develop hidden baking talents; adapt kitchens and dining areas into makeshift classrooms and offices as we home school or work from home; and we all look forward to the time when we can invite the whole family round for a post-lockdown celebration!  In these unprecedented times life has had to change and adapt and this has impacted how we use our kitchens now and in the future.  Here at Butlers Kitchens we understand how important it is to plan your kitchen around your lifestyle and needs. As part of our Four-Step Plan the first step involves taking a critical look at your current kitchen.

Step 1 – Assessing Your Current Kitchen

To start your planning take a long hard look at your existing kitchen and think about what hinders you and your family in your everyday lives.

What will enhance your lifestyle?

Having all the family home may have inspired you to include an island for family meals as our appreciation of spending quality time with the family grows; or to serve as an extra study area so the family chef can continue to supervise the children’s homework whilst cooking when life gets back to normal. And planning ahead to times when we can be more sociable, a kitchen island can give much more workspace when you are cooking for extended family and friends.  Do you want it to be the hub of the house for you and the children?  Or are you looking for a sophisticated space in which to entertain family and friends?

What types of kitchen layout do you like?

You may also have found that the difficult-to-access store cupboard is a nightmare now that baking or cooking is more important to you and your family, and that the restrictive layout is no longer working for you.

Are you looking to create an airy, open cooking and dining space? Open plan layouts can allow you to provide space for the whole family which adapts to your busy lifestyle. If you need plenty of storage a galley layout will allow you to use both sides of the room.  Or alternatively an L-shaped layout tucks neatly into a corner and works well with an island.

Declutter and assess your storage needs

Lockdown is the perfect time to do some decluttering.  Not only can the process be very satisfying, allowing you identify those useless, bulky utensils lurking in the dark corners of your kitchen cupboards, but it will allow you to assess just how much storage space you need.

Consider what areas need addressing.  Would you love to be able to hide away the recycling?  Do you long for more cupboard and larder space?  Is that corner cupboard difficult to access and would it benefit from a carousel device?  Are your work tops overflowing with kitchen utensils that need an organized home?

Write all you ideas and notes down in your folder or scrapbook.  Your ideas and your assessment of your kitchen’s limitations will be exceptionally helpful when you get to the 3D design process.

Look out for Step 2 – Gathering Ideas and Inspiration in the Four-Step Plan coming soon!

The Butlers Kitchens team is still available by email, telephone and video call to answer all your kitchen design questions.  We have just launched our virtual kitchen design service so although life may on hold at the moment, your kitchen planning needn’t be!  Simply book a day and time convenient to you here.


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