How To Create A Multifunctional Kitchen With An Island

The kitchen is where the heart of a home can be found. It’s a room where friends and family gather to enjoy delicious meals, share laughter and have good times.

But should also be a room which has practical functionality. In fact, the kitchen is one of the most multifunctional rooms in the home.

As such, one of the significant design tasks facing any homeowner is how to utilise kitchen space best to realise that full potential both practically and aesthetically. You can do so by making intelligent choices centred around your kitchen island. Here’s how.

Create the illusion of space with an open plan layout.

Positioning your kitchen island as a focal point within your open-plan living area is a great way to create the illusion of extra space. When planning the layout of your kitchen, consider how it interacts with adjoining rooms. Ensure that the design of your island does not block the flow of traffic from one part of the room to another.

Also, consider how and where you will use your kitchen island. For example, if you are a keen cook and want to use it as a food preparation area, place it near a sink or hob (or plan to place it on your island if you have room). If you’re going to use it as another casual dining area, put it in the centre of the room and make sure there is enough space for chairs on both sides.

A green shaker kitchen island with wooden worktop, shelves and hob

Consider your favourite family activities.

An island positioned in the centre of an open-plan living area can be used as a focal point for family life. It provides a centralised space for food preparation, cooking, and dining. This will naturally create a defined hub for activity within the home.

Maybe you’re dreaming of a kitchen island that has room for the kids to do their homework while you create a fantastic meal, or you want a kitchen island that is a make-your-own pastries and cakes station. Suppose you are an avid chef or baker and like to spread out ingredients, measuring cups, and other kitchen tools. In that case, an island can give you room to do this without taking up valuable worktop space in other parts of your kitchen.

A traditional kitchen with island using blue kitchen cabinetry, white worktop and copper handles.

Use it for prep, storage, and seating.

The kitchen island has always been the ultimate multi-tasking piece: a spot to chop and prep food, a place to store dishes, utensils and wine, and extra seating. It’s great for casual meals and snacks, especially if it includes barstools for seating.

If entertaining is a priority in your home, then consider making space for bar stools at your kitchen island so that guests can hang out while you cook. The kitchen island is the perfect place to chat with someone while preparing a meal or catching up with family members in the morning as you’re pouring coffee.

A small green kitchen island with under worktop open storage and quartz worktop.

Not enough space? Try a breakfast bar instead.

Not everyone has the space for a kitchen island. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the convenience of having an extra surface for food preparation, eating, or entertaining. If you don’t have enough room for a full-size kitchen island, consider a wall/corner breakfast bar or peninsula.

If your kitchen is long and narrow, it’s ideal for a mini breakfast bar along one side. This adds additional storage space and counter space to your kitchen, but it also provides a place for you to sit down and enjoy your meal, or do some work from home! A mini breakfast bar can be used as an extra table when needed, too, if you have friends over while cooking.

A light grey kitchen with breakfast bar peninsula and barstools

Creating a multifunctional kitchen island is all about deciding how you want to use your space, and an island in the kitchen can do more than just serve as a functional countertop. Add some additional storage or seating options, and you’ll have a space that offers food prep, clean up, dining, or even just leisurely lounging.

For some great kitchen island ideas, check out our kitchen ranges page. And if you live in Chester or North Wales and would like to chat about your kitchen project, get in touch for a free consultation here.

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