Meet the Butler, behind Butlers Kitchens

Butlers Kitchens story starts back in 1932 when T.J Butler began his dream of running a company that had customer devotion at the heart of its ethos.

T.J. always held the ethos that if a product wasn’t good enough for him, it wasn’t good enough for his customers and he spent his career perfecting this.

Fast forward to today and his Grandson, Warren, is entrusted to maintain the high standards that the business was built on.

We sat down with him earlier this week, to get to know more about the current Butler in charge.

Image of Warren, the Managing Director of Butlers Kitchens, standing in the kitchen appliances section of the showroom.

So, Warren, when did you take over the reins as Butlers Managing Director?

I took over as MD about 15 years ago, but I’d been working as a Saturday lad since I was 16, before going fulltime on the kitchen appliance side when I was at 21. Learning about all aspects of the business set me in good stead for my managing role.

What do people love about Butlers, what is it that makes you different?

The standards are as high today as they were when my grandfather set out.

When you buy a Butlers kitchen, you get the dream kitchen you’re after, with family-style service from start to end, by a team that cares about you.

If you had to give your customers one tip on creating their kitchen, what would it be?

To be open-minded.

Do your research and have an idea of budget, but, when it comes to the design process, be honest with that vision and budget, so that we can design you something beautiful within it.

You’ve thrived throughout this pandemic. What’s your secret?

We’re adaptable, and that really is vital at the moment.

The changes that continually arise are treated as a challenge, not an obstacle, and we’re always trying to find the silver lining. For example, kitchen showroom appointments and many online consultations have only strengthened our customer relationships.

How have you been coping during the lockdown?

I’ve been super busy!

Lockdown has forced us all at home, and many people have reflected in that time and decided to get their houses perfect, so work has been constant. When I’ve had a moment at home, I remodelled our own lounge and dining room!

I would’ve preferred to be on holiday in Jamaica in July as planned! I also missed a work conference abroad in Gibraltar and a trip to Greece! Lots has been cancelled, which I know is a pain for all of us.

Now we’re in a local lockdown again when I was supposed to be in London!

What’s been the favourite kitchen you’ve designed?

This light and spacious kitchen design in Cheshire. It was transformed by combining the existing kitchen and dining room, with an extension into the garden to create a larger, open family space.

Image of a modern kitchen design, featuring marble countertops and various subtle lighting elements

We started installing this kitchen at the start of lockdown but didn’t finish till the end. We had to adapt a lot in unknown territory during this project, and because of that I think I will always remember it.

It’s also just an incredibly beautiful result. 

One of the kitchen brands you use and champion is Symphony Kitchens, what’s so special about them?

Like us, customer care is their number one priority. They want customers to be happy, and they provide remedial items quickly, no questions asked. This helps us to give even better service.

Finally, what are your favourite past times?

I don’t have much time for anything other than kitchens these days!

Photography is my hobby, I used to photograph weddings, but now I prefer landscapes.  I do have a  Cocker Cavapoo, but I’m not a big fan of walking, so my wife does this!

If you’d like to take some inspiration from Warren’s favourite kitchen design project, click here.

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