Is a Black Kitchen a Good Idea?

It’s said that black is always in fashion, and when it comes to the kitchen, that’s certainly the case.

Monochrome kitchens have come a long way over the years, and as we move through 2021, we’re starting to make some braver choices in our kitchen design.

And we’re embracing black.

When done correctly, black in the kitchen can add a stylish touch or create a luxurious atmosphere. Here are our top three ways to add black to your kitchen design:

Go All Out

Image of modern black kitchen cabinets with an ivory worktop and shelving above

If you’re resolute on going dark, then there is no bigger statement than an all-black kitchen with black kitchen cabinets and units.

This year, Symphony had released black as the new edition to their paint in order to cope with rising demand, and it certainly brings the wow-factor.

Despite common myths, you can go black in a small kitchen; however, it’s essential to make sure you get your lighting and accessories right to avoid making the room seem enclosed and uninviting.

This is something a good kitchen designer will guide you through.

Can you handle it?

If you’re looking for something just as stylish but a little more on the subtle side, you should consider black as a feature or accent throughout your kitchen design.

A straightforward way to do this is by incorporating black handles, and these can be easily swapped out at a later date.

A unique, stylish handle option is the Inline handle choice. This handle will be a subtle addition to your draweror door as it creates a sleek and contemporary style with its continuous matt black horizontal detailsunderneath the worktop.

A montage image showcasing three different black in-line handles on different coloured kitchen drawers and cabinets

A Touch of Black Kitchen Accessories

Finally, one of the most popular choices for adding black to the kitchen is with accessories.

Our favourite black accessory is shelving. Adding black shelves into the kitchen design is a great way to add decorative ornaments into the space or display your favourite crockery and glassware.

A montage image showcasing three applications of a black kitchen shelving unit

Decanted cupboard staples such as pasta or flour would be the perfect way to style these shelves and save you space in standard wall cabinets. Finishing this look with an indoor plant and cookery books is trendy now.

Looking to Design a Black Kitchen?

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