How To Create An Open-Plan Kitchen

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve found safety and familiarity within our humble abodes.

We’ve adapted to the ever-changing rules and reconnected with our families like never before. We’ve juggled more hats than we knew we were capable of, and a lot of it has happened in the kitchen.

As we move towards the next stage of the roadmap and a glimpse of normality is finally on the horizon, we’re adapting our living spaces to suit the situation where many of us will go out less and work home more.
And that’s where open-plan kitchens thrive.

Image of a white and modern open-plan kitchen design.

Blurring the lines between rooms by tearing down walls creates an open-plan, multifunctional space that can evolve with these ever-changing times.

Kitchens are now so much more than a place for cooking, and when you remove the boundaries to your living room, you’ll create a social and inviting space that can meet a variety of needs.

So, how do you create the perfect open-plan kitchen?


Selective Seating

Image of a white, cream, and blue open plan kitchen design with a seating area at the kitchen island.

As the saying goes, ‘the more, the merrier.’

The general rule of thumb is to have enough seating for each member of your household, but if space permits, try and accommodate seating for at least two guests, maybe even four!

Seating doesn’t just need to be in the form of dining chairs. Mix it up with a combination of bar stools, armchairs or even a sofa. This will instantly add a sense of relaxation and familiarity to the room.


Kitchen Layout

Image of an open plan traditional kitchen design with wooden worktops and surfaces

Consider a layout that promotes ‘hanging out.’

Segregate the cook’s space from the rest of the kitchen and then section off small parts of the kitchen for breakfast in a hurry, nipping on your laptop or a glass of wine. Then consider areas you could see yourself having a proper sit-down meal.


Kitchen Lighting

Image of a contemporary open-plan kitchen design featuring hanging pendant lights

Open-plan spaces will naturally command more light than closed rooms, especially when incorporating bi-fold doors or skylights into your design. But when night falls or the winter comes, it’s essential to get your kitchen lighting just right.

In an ample space, the last thing you want is a one-switch lighting system eating up your electricity bill, so whatever light you choose, ensure you can isolate different areas of the space.

Spotlights are the obvious choice for lighting for a multifunctional area; they’re subtle and efficient. The addition of some statement and ambiance lighting for evening drinks, or cupboard lights for late-night snacks are worth looking into.


Kitchen Island

Image of a black and white kitchen design featuring a kitchen island in the middle of the room

Opening up your kitchen area is a great way to avoid that isolated feeling as you prepare dinner. If you want to go one step further though, include a kitchen island! This can be designed to look out onto the rest of the space, meaning that cooking and preparing food will never be a solitary process again.

An island can also double up as a focal seating area; just watch how people gravitate towards them at parties! It’s also the perfect place to bring the house together as you clean and eat or oversee the children’s homework.


Personal Touches

If you’re working from home, consider a corner with a desk and office chair, this functional area could also be used for schoolwork.

For homes that are busy with small children, a blackboard is a fantastic addition. But if your children are all grown up, you might want to consider a gin bar or wine fridge!


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