How to Create a Monochrome Kitchen Design

It’s an age-old joke that black is always in fashion, and the kitchen is no exception.
Monochrome kitchens are a timeless style that has been popular for years and have evolved through every trend to date.
In 2021, with the rise of Scandinavian influence in our kitchen design, we’re seeing people get more adventurous with monochrome design, and the results are stunning.
In this blog, we’re going to answer the most common questions about monochrome kitchens:

Does it need to be black and white?

You definitely aren’t restricted to black and white. You can swap black for dark greys like hugely popular Anthracite and whites for excellent creams like Cashmere to achieve the same look.

What styles look good in monochrome?

All of them. The beauty of monochrome kitchens is that whatever style you choose entirely changes the look and feel of the kitchen. Traditional kitchens in black/dark grey and white have a really modern edge but still suit their classic environment.
Modern kitchens in Monochrome are a lot of fun. You can play around with gloss and matt finishes to suit your style and go bold with additional pops of colour or materials.

Does the rest of my house need to be monochrome to match?

The beauty of black and white is that they equally go with everything and kitchen design is true to that. It doesn’t matter if your living room is bright and funky, cool with pastels or just good old grey. It will all match.
Equally, once you get the monochrome bug, you may find it spreading from room to room!

Image of a black kitchen storage unit with two layers of white shelving units mounted above

Will it make my kitchen look smaller?

There’s an art to getting the right balance for your space, and the right kitchen designer will master this. Smaller kitchens will benefit from a more white than black balance, where larger kitchens can go darker for more character.

Image of a large kitchen space featuring a well-balanced combination of traditional black and white kitchen units

How do I accessorise my monochrome kitchen?

However, you like it! We’ve tons of ideas and inspiration to help.
Wood worktops look great with Monochrome for a warm and natural touch. Teamed with some open shelves and indoor plants, you get a nice homely finish.
Accents of metal work really well, especially gold, if you want to opt for a luxurious feel. This can be with handles, bar stools or crockery.
You can even add pops of colour like sage green, blush or earthy tones, which are hugely popular right now.
Image of a modern white and cream kitchen design with colour matching furniture and accessories.

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