How to Choose an Extraction Fan for your New Kitchen

Designing a new kitchen is full of choices but while everyone focuses on what colour scheme or shiny new appliances are going into the design, it’s sometimes easy to overlook something as vital as your kitchen extraction solution.

They’re an important consideration for any new kitchen and a good quality extractor will help keep your kitchen feeling fresh by minimising odours and ensuring air is circulating properly.

You actually have a few different options when it comes to choosing your kitchen extractor, so we thought we’d make things really simple and break down what those options are and give a bit of advice on suitable brands too.


Vented Hobs

Image of a vented hob integrated into a modern and handleless kitchen island.
An image showcasing a modern induction hob with a downdraft extractor in situ.

These kitchen extraction solutions are built right into your hob and cooking space so are perfect for those who want a minimalist kitchen. They’re sleek and compact but can still easily handle anything you throw at them and will keep your kitchen smelling great!

Brand advice: We recommend NEFF for vented hobs – they have a huge range of options and come packed with useful features such as noise reduction technology and boost modes for when you really need to clear the air!

Downdraft Hobs

With a space-age feel to them, downdraft hobs are discreet and are installed either behind or aside your hob. When you’re ready to cook, you simply tap a button and they rise up from the worktop, ready to get to work! Then, after you’re finished, you just tap that button again and they disappear. They’re a space-saving solution that suits kitchens of any design or style.

Brand advice: Again, NEFF are great for downdraft hobs and quiet operation and integrated lighting you’ll wonder how you ever did without one of these in your kitchen!

Kitchen Ceiling Hoods

Image of a modern kitchen ceiling hood.

For those that want to make a statement, a ceiling hood is an excellent addition to your new kitchen. These juggle functionality and style effortlessly and can easily be turned into a focal point. Providing overhead lighting as well as extraction, they’re perfect for those that love to get stuck in and cook regularly.

Brand advice: NEFF have loads of great ceiling hoods, although we also recommend Franke – they’re popular and for good reason! Their emphasis on quality and design ensures you have plenty of options when choosing your kitchen extractor.

Those are your three main options but there are always other things to consider too. For example, if you want a kitchen ceiling hood but aren’t keen on it being on show then we can always look to integrate it into a cupboard. There are loads of possibilities so just get in touch with us today to discuss your options.
Don’t forget – kitchen extractors of all varieties can be bought on their own from Butler’s Direct or as part of a new kitchen with us!

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