How Long Does It Take To Fit A Kitchen?

How long does it take to fit a kitchen, is a question that we are asked at Butlers Kitchens every day.  It’s a question that is almost impossible to answer as no two kitchens are the same.

Having a kitchen installed is not a small job.  It is very exciting as you start to see your new kitchen that until know has only been a kitchen design on a computer, become a reality. It is also very stressful, involves a lot of mess and disruption to your home.

Having your kitchen installation project managed can help to ease the stress of your kitchen installation.  Your project manager should also be able to provide you with clear timelines as to what should be completed by certain times.

If you’re using Butlers Kitchens to project manage your new kitchen installation. You will have met your installation team and project manager a few weeks earlier and have an idea as to what to expect during your installation.

Once you have ordered your new Symphony Kitchen from Butlers Kitchens, it will be delivered direct to your home in about three to six weeks depending on the kitchen range that you have chosen.  Your installation will begin within a day or two of your new kitchen being delivered.

The first job that your kitchen fitter will do is to remove the old kitchen, old appliances, fittings and flooring.  Generally this will take less than a day to complete, depending on the size of your kitchen.  Any additional building work such as removing walls will be done at this stage and will take extra time.

The next stage is called a First Fix.  This is where any plumbing or electrical work is completed and if necessary to move any services such as water, drainage for a new washing machine or gas supply for a new kitchen island hob.  If no significant changes are being made then this should take no more than two or three days.  Your new kitchen layout will be marked out ready for the kitchen fitting to begin.

If you are having any wall or ceilings re-plastered this will happen next. This will normally take a day with an additional day or two to allow for the plaster to dry sufficiently for the installation to continue.

Your kitchen units will be installed next and once started, your kitchen will start to take shape quite quickly. All of our Symphony kitchen units arrive at your home, pre-built so your kitchen fitter doesn’t have to waste time building flat pack kitchen furniture.

Depending on the size of your kitchen this stage should only take two or three days. If you are having a laminate work surface this will also be installed at this stage together with your sink and hob. Solid surface worktops such as granite, quartz or porcelain will need to be fitted after all of your units have been installed and you should allow an additional seven to ten days for templating and fitting.

The next stage is flooring and tiling, any other finishing touches and redecorating.  Depending on what is involved this should only take a few days.

Your stylish new kitchen is now finished and looks amazing!  Now is the time to book that party and invite all of your family and friends around to admire your beautiful new kitchen.

All of the above times are given purely as a guide and you should work with your project manager / installer to get a true indication of as to how long your kitchen installation time will be.

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