Five Tips for Designing your New Kitchen

Designing a well-functioning kitchen can be a daunting task.  We tend to live in our kitchens so getting it right can ensure your everyday life runs smoothly.  There are some key factors that we consider at Butlers Kitchens which can help you create the perfect design for your family and home.

Manage traffic around the ‘working triangle’

The working triangle is the space between the sink, cooker and refrigerator and to ensure your kitchen works well you will need to keep this area people-free.  It makes sense to redirect traffic away from this area.  For example if you are having a kitchen island with seating ensure there is enough clearance between the seating area and the working triangle.

Built-in appliances

If you are looking for a sleek, modern look then your appliances should appear to be built in – particularly where your fridge is concerned.  This look can be created with the addition of side gables and cabinets.

Provide working space around appliances

Be mindful where you place appliances especially the hob.  Never put a hob in a corner space – you won’t have enough working space and it could potentially pose a fire hazard.  Fridges need to have worktop space around them or ‘landing space’.  Landing space is the area around the fridge available to put items down when you take them out of the fridge.  If you are struggling to create space next to the fridge the addition of an island can be a great option.

Choose your appliances first

It can be more straightforward to design a kitchen around appliances rather than to try and match appliances to a pre-designed kitchen.

Match the size of appliance to the size of the kitchen

Large appliances can dwarf a small kitchen.  List your priorities so that you can make appropriate compromises when choosing your appliances.

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