Enhance Your Kitchen Design By Mixing Metals

Mixing metals in the kitchen is on track to be one of the top kitchen design trends for 2021.

We’re big fans of this trend too. Why? Because metal is a beautiful, natural material, and trends that utilise natural materials often stay popular for a long time. This is great news for anyone embarking on a new kitchen and for those that want to incorporate metallic influences to create a timeless design.

Image of an all-white kitchen design with a perfect blend of wooden materials and bronze metal accents
There’s a wide choice of metals out there, and there are a few do’s and don’ts for using and mixing them, so we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you along the way.

Choosing the right metal

It’s important that you choose the right type of finish to suit your colour scheme, style and lifestyle.

Brass is a winner for traditional kitchens and goes exceptionally well with dark greens or blues. Rose gold and bronze prove popular for modern styles, especially when teamed with neutral or pastel tones.

Chrome may sometimes get overlooked in favour of newer metal styles, but it is an excellent choice for contemporary homes, and it goes with everything. Remember though, it can be a nightmare when faced with sticky fingers and wet noses!

Gold is in high demand at the moment, especially when paired with blacks and dark greys to create that ’boutique bistro’ look.

Careful placement

Once you’ve decided on which metal works best for your home, you need to determine where to add some glamour.

Your kitchen designer can help you get the balance just right, and they’ll have some awe-inspiring ways to add this to your design that you may not have considered– like metal trims on your cupboards.

Our fantastic Linear kitchen range from Symphony, pictured below, is perfect for adding copper and brass trimmings. It’s a modern, handleless range which is ideal for this trend.

A close up image of a dark brown wooden kitchen cupboard with copper accenting
If you prefer something more traditional, you could opt for a shaker style kitchen with antique finish handles or black metal for a more classic look.

Mixing two different metals was once considered a big no-no, but in 2021, it’s definitely on the table! However, with some metals, you are at risk of going overboard, so pick out three key features first and then add a little bit more at a time until you get it just right.

The dream trio is combining metal chairs, handles and lights, especially if you have a kitchen island as it will naturally draw the eye to it and make it a feature.

Image of an all-white kitchen design with a variety of brass accenting on the handles, chairs, and kitchen taps.
Pots, pans and utensils are fun, but they work best when they’re on shelves or racks that show them off.

There’s also a wide range of metallic appliances on offer that can complete your look. The Quooker tap is quickly becoming a kitchen must-have and has recently launched new colours, including gold!

Image of a modern kitchen island in a handleless kitchen design, featuring brass kitchen taps and metal wooden stools

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