Choosing the Best Cooking Appliances for your New Kitchen

When choosing your kitchen appliances it is good to view them as investment items.  This will encourage you to do your research before you buy and help you to make decisions on budget, size and colour.  When it comes to style the choice is wide and varied from chic and modern to warm and rustic and there are many functional benefits to consider.  Sometimes having so much choice can seem overwhelming so at Butlers Kitchens we are here to help you make those all important choices.

Choosing the best oven

The oven will be the centre of activity in your kitchen and there are some key decisions to be made.Will you opt for a built-in oven or a freestanding one?  Do you need a single or double oven?  Will it be coloured or stainless steel?

A free-standing oven can be an eye-catching feature in your new kitchen.  Whether you opt for gas or electric it makes sense to position your oven near the supply point.

Built-in ovens are usually positioned at eye-level making it much easier for the chef of the house to create delicious cuisine without having to bend down.  If you have limited space a single oven is a good option whereas double ovens may suit kitchens servicing larger families with greater cooking requirements.

Choosing the perfect hob

Induction hobs are on trend at the moment offering a quick, efficient way to cook which will appeal to many families.  This type heats the pan rather than the hob providing a safe option to busy kitchens.  For a more traditional look however opt for a gas hob with easy-clean surfaces and touch controls.

If your kitchen is often full of dinner guests then you may find a domino hob is the best choice for you with optional cooking fuels and features which you can mix and match to suit your requirements.

At Butlers Kitchens we understand how important it is to choose the right appliances for your kitchen design.  Contact us today for a free kitchen design with an experienced designer.

We have a huge range of kitchen appliances

We won't restrict your choice to a few manufacturers.  Butlers have been supplying quality appliances to customers since 1932.  We can supply the majority of quality brands and we're happy to recommend the most suitable appliances for your new kitchen to suit your needs and budget.

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