A Common Misconception About Small Kitchens

“Kitchen companies aren’t interested in small kitchens, are they?”

We hear this a lot.

But the answer is; No, quite the opposite. Well, as far as Butlers Kitchens is concerned anyway.

In fact, even after all these years, it’s often the small kitchens that excite us the most, because they require us to step outside the box.

Image of a small white Milano kitchen design.
Here are some basic principles, tips and tricks for achieving your dream kitchen in a smaller space:

Minimalistic Simplicity

Less is more, and this is certainly true for the smaller kitchen.

Minimal means saying goodbye to clutter.

Smaller kitchens don’t have the luxury of endless workspace, so build up a list of all your essentials and desirables before you embark on the kitchen design. This ensures that you’ll have everything you need in your new kitchen, and nothing you don’t.

Simplicity means light and neutral tones.

The right colour choice is key to creating the illusion of more space. The best choices are those that add interest to the space, without making it feel claustrophobic. Cool whites, warm earth tones and delicate pastels are all great choices. We love the Whitby kitchen range in Platinum by Laura Ashley Kitchen Collection :

Image of the Whitby kitchen range in Platinum by Laura Ashley, featuring a neutral colour palette and beautiful wooden materials.
Add lots of light into the mix, and you’ll already have a kitchen that feels much bigger. This can be in the form of natural light through the addition of windows or skylights, or intelligent lighting solutions such as under cupboard and floor plinth lighting.

Kitchen Storage

I touched on this in my last blog, and I could talk about it all day because whatever your kitchen size, storage is essential to creating a calm and orderly place to spend time in.
Image of the smart storage solutions featured in the Linear Cube Kitchen design.
For small kitchens, getting your storage right is a MUST, especially if you want to keep work surfaces clear. You can read my blog on kitchen storage here

Clever Kitchen Design

Your kitchen layout is the most crucial part of making a small kitchen design successful.

The wrong layout will see you tripping over yourself cooking Sunday Dinner or worse, a kitchen that only allows one person in at a time (believe me I’ve seen It all!).

At Butlers Kitchens, we’ll create a layout that works around your lifestyle, and that starts by getting to know your day to day routines.

Every inch of your kitchen should be utilised so that no space goes to waste, and for this, it is important that your kitchen units can be trimmed to fit into the trickiest of gaps. Just as important, is that the finish looks impeccable. All this comes as standard at Butlers!

Image of a small black and white modern kitchen design

Contact Butlers Kitchens for Small Kitchen Design

When it comes to designing a small kitchen, you can rely on Butlers Kitchens to deliver a bespoke solution that meets your needs. Our kitchen designers have years of experience in coming up with tailored solutions for smaller kitchens.

If you have a smaller kitchen space and you’d like some assistance turning it into something beautiful and functional, take a look at the options we have here, or get in touch.

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At Butlers Kitchens we promise to provide you with the right design, using the best products, each and every time.

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