5 Popular Types of Kitchen Lighting

When it comes to kitchen design, lighting is more than just the icing on the cake.

Master your kitchen lighting, and you will have a functional space where workspaces are lit in the right way all year round.

Get it wrong, and you could find yourself cutting carrots in a dark spot, in an uninviting room.

So, what lighting options are there for your kitchen?

Ceiling Lighting

Image of a handleless kitchen design with recessed ceiling lighting to enhance the contemporary kitchen style

Let’s start with the prominent place to install lighting, and you can illuminate your whole space with the installation of some simple spotlights.

The most popular choice is LED lighting because they have low heat emissions, making them energy-saving and friendlier on the environment. LED lighting requires minimum upkeep, and you can also change colour to suit your kitchen design or mood.

Pendant Lighting

Image of three hanging pendant lights in an open-plan kitchen design.

It’s still ceiling lighting, but it’s in another league when it comes to personality and style.

Pendant lights over a dining table or kitchen island help to section off an ‘eating’ area of your kitchen; they also create a great atmosphere to dine in when lit on their own.

Styles of pendant lights range from luxuries glass to quirky rope and brass, and the options are endless, so have fun with it.

Cabinet Lighting

An image showcasing under-cabinet lighting inside of an innovative kitchen cabinet.

Cabinet lighting is achieved in many ways, like under-cabinet lighting, but glass cupboards are the most popular. Illuminating your worldly possessions can have a nice touch but beware, you’ll have to keep it tidy.

Another way to master cabinet lighting is with LED strips in recessed handles or worktop trims, it’s not practical everyday lighting, but it will give your kitchen the real wow-factor.

Plinth Lighting

Image of a white handleless kitchen design with wooden elements and accent lighting beneath the kitchen units

Again, cabinet lighting, this time located near the floor. It can be achieved with LEDs or tiny spotlights and is excellent for creating an inviting atmosphere.

Accent Lighting

An image of a traditional kitchen design with spotlights to illuminate the focus areas of the kitchen

Also known as directional lighting.

Using spotlights or small lamps to highlight and bring attention to certain areas of the room. This could be a painting, plant, island, wine fridge – anything!

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