3 Trendy Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

You’re picturing the perfect kitchen.

What do you see?

Do you see the perfect oven, or are you imagining a tasty three course meal being prepared? Probably not.

What’s my point here? My point is, that kitchens are not just functional rooms anymore.

Kitchens are living spaces

And in actual fact, lockdown has taught us all a lot. What’s become abundantly clear, is how much families rely on the kitchen as the heart of their home.

They’re not just for cooking anymore. Kitchens are where plans are made, relationships nurtured and where fun takes place.

These are really important considerations when you’re embarking on a new kitchen design.
What’s more, it’s critical to create a happy living space that’s right for you now, and in three or four years’ time.

It’s crucial to create something that’s a pleasure to be in now, and doesn’t look dated in two years’ time.

This means there are two things to bear in mind when you’re planning a new kitchen. Firstly, having an understanding of what the latest kitchen design trends are, and secondly, how habits change when it comes to living.

Of course, these are things that I am tuned into as a kitchen planner and designer, and here are the key trends I’m very close to right now:

Open-plan living

I would say this kitchen design trend is on 90% of my clients’ checklists.

Barriers between rooms are a thing of the past and there’s an expectation that living spaces follow a flowing, open floorplan, which is intelligently designed to meet their social and emotional needs.

The New York range by Symphony is a great example of a sleek, contemporary kitchen that the family can gather together in to cook, chat, socialise, as well as eat in their kitchen living space:

Image the New York Modern Kitchen Range by Symphony

Image the New York Modern Kitchen Range by Symphony.

Including a kitchen island

True, this trend is nothing new, but there are so many choices nowadays, incorporating a kitchen island is easier than you think.

Not only do they help you achieve that open plan, multifunctional kitchen, they also provide extra storage.

Islands don’t just have to be for larger kitchens. The look can be achieved in other ways, such as a breakfast bar addition to a main worktop, or freestanding, customised units.

For kitchens like this, you might like showing options of combining both an island and a breakfast bar. Our Bedale range by Laura Ashley demonstrates this perfectly.

Image the Bedale Kitchen Range by Symphony.

Image the Bedale Kitchen Range by Symphony.

Contrasting colours

It’s definitely possible to achieve a two-tone kitchen that will stand the test of time. I’m seeing people going bold, but also using a blend of subtle colours too.

And it’s not just the cabinets that benefit. We are frequently asked to create colourful kitchens, and we are incorporating this into splashbacks and worktops to create something a bit different, but still inviting.

We love the sophisticated New England range by Symphony, painted here in Grey & Chalk White:

Image the New England Modern Kitchen Range by Symphony.

Image the New England Modern Kitchen Range by Symphony.

And if you find yourself nodding in agreement to these kitchen themes, next time, I will be showcasing a kitchen range that includes these three trends to perfection. Look out for it!

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