Top 3 2021 Kitchen Design Trends

After almost a year spent at home, our kitchens are working harder than ever before.

The last year has influenced new kitchen design trends and reignited some old ones, so we’ve put together a simple guide on what’s hot for 2021:

Warm and Neutral Tones

Image of a modern kitchen design featuring a neutral colour palette of whites, creams, and light browns

Prepare to hear a lot more from colours such as Cobble Grey, Sage and Cashmere. A year lacking in holidays has caused a surge in demand for warm, dreamy tones that remind us of somewhere tranquil and calm.

These colours teamed with stone textured worktops, exposed brick and oak walnut cabinetry are a picture of serenity!

Metallic Influences

A close-up image of a double bowl kitchen sink with metallic touches

With the simple addition of some metallic touches, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a kitchen that looks luxury and high end.

 This trend is also pretty versatile, you can start small with metal handles, gold edging and brass light switches, or go big with a copper sink and tap.

 If you want something less committed, we suggest a metallic light feature and maybe some metal accessories, and there are lots of copper and brass pans on the market at the moment that work really well for this.

Compact Layouts

Image of a compact kitchen design featuring a variety of smart storage solutions to maximise space
Our biggest lesson from 2020 was the ability to adapt, and it’s time for our kitchens to evolve too.

There’s a wealth of creative solutions that can help smaller kitchens be just as functional and beautiful as their larger counterpart.

Here are our top tips for a compact kitchen:

  1. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter – there is no room for that waffle maker you’ve never used!
  2. Clever Combinations – Be smarter with your appliances, and make them work harder for you. For example, consider a combi-oven that doubles as a microwave too.
  3. Layout is key – decide what your kitchen does most and make this the focal point. For example, if your main cook is right-handed then everything should flow that way and vice versa. Always make sure your fridge, cooker and sink are in arms reach of each other and you’ve ample worktop space for food preparations and serving.

If you’d like some inspiration for your 2021 kitchen, why not browse our brochure from the comfort of your home?

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We know that 2021 is going to be an exciting year for kitchens. While these are just our predictions for popular design trends this year, it gives us a good indication of where kitchen design might be heading.

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